Why We


Contrasting our colleague law firms, we cover an extra mile in protecting your IP assets.

 i)  At filing: pre-filing evaluation of your IP
Every new application received at PakPat is voluntarily reviewed for the assessment of subject-matter eligibility, matching of specifications and compliance of documentary formalities. Particularly in case of patents, Pakistan is currently at odd with United States, Europe, United Kingdom and many countries from Asia where, for instance, methods-of-treatment practiced outside the human body; second or subsequent medical uses; genetically modified plants and animals; and substances isolated from their natural environment are patentable. We screen your IP before filing. We also advise our clients on the possibilities/possible solutions and discuss alternative/alternate strategies to secure protection within the legal framework.

ii)  At prosecution: fighting to save your IP from being encumbered
Existence or presence of a charge, for instance, a disclaimer on your trade mark; excision of a valid claim from your patent; narrowing of the scope of your design by classifying material of the article unnecessarily restrict your freedom-to-operate; minimize options for structuring business conditions and development; obstruct business opportunities; enclave innovations; restrict product development process for revenue generation; increase risks and threats to your IP assets.
Since our experts know the law and procedure as well as the practices having no legal support or existence, together, we create and develop an IP strategy that can give your company competitive advantage.

iii)  At post-grant:  we track your IP
As we realize that maintenance and management of IP assets is even more of value than securing it, we keep a constant track of your IP. Together we: i) attend renewal / annuities in time; ii) watch for competing IP rights; iii) manage to prevent import of counterfeits products (customs surveillance); iv) explore possibilities of technology transfer, in particular, commercialization of your business concepts (Franchising) and licensing of assets.