About Us


Established in 2000 by a small team of specialists but with great professional trajectory in the field of intellectual property, PakPat is now on a road to struggle having an endless border. Equipped with the specialized knowledge, skill and professional experience; impregnated with the driving force of innovation, motivation and dedication, the firm seeks to provide highly focused, fully integrated and specialists services to its clients and to look after their rights with utmost proficiency at reasonable costs. PakPat’s philosophy is that intellectual property cannot be best protected unless the legal experience and technical knowledge are met at one junction. Our expert advice and strategic IP solutions help our clients understand the value of their IP and achieve their business objectives.


Steadily and successively stepping forward, PakPat today enjoys representing many prestigious and well-known international brand-focused and innovative companies that are leader of their profession. Working on the strategy of developing services and setting new standards, we are striving to strengthen our clients’ position.


We have office in Lahore, Pakistan but through a network of associates and business partners, we can serve you and your clients for any part of the world.